We always choose the best option.

We always do what’s right according to our beliefs in the moment we make the decision.

And then we start worrying. We get afraid that our idea and our effort will be worth less (or sometimes even nothing!) in the outside world. Because somebody has already done it. Or we can’t commit right now. We must be fooling ourselves if we think this will work. We are just wasting time.

We don’t experience reality. We experience ourĀ interpretations of reality. It is always your choice to be afraid. Or angry. Or happy. Nobody else’s. It’s your choice to ignore things. Just because you didn’t do anything doesn’t mean you didn’t make a decision.

Sometimes you make it worse than it is. You sabotage yourself. You do all the right things, but in your mind all you focus on is that it wasn’t perfect.

Less than perfect is a perfect start.

You will make mistakes. That is OK. To be successful you need experience. The best way to get experience is to do things and learn from your mistakes. You can afford this. Unless you’re flying planes or doing heart surgeries.

A baby doesn’t learn how to walk by reading a book.

And just because it’s expected of you to do certain things doesn’t mean that those are the only things that you are capable of doing.

Surprise us.