Leadership is a choice.

It is not a reward for your accomplishments. It is not a title or job description. And most certainly, it is not something that can be given to you.

Power, maybe. But leadership? No. Leadership is a choice.

Right now, you have a decision to make. How hard are you willing to push to make a difference?

How much do you care? About the cause, about the amazing things you can create, about the people you can help and whose lives you can change.

How much do you care? About the opportunity that is most likely right there, in front of you. Are you going to take the challenge? Or are you going to hide?

Sorry, but there is no map, no instructions and no guarantees.

This is a game of vulnerability, courage and patience. Do you care enough to keep going?

When times get tough, when you get discouraged, overwhelmed and hurt, do you start coming up with excuses, start procrastinating or do you fearlessly keep going?

When you get criticized, rejected, and laughed at, or when no one is paying attention, do you get desperate, depressed or angry or do you proudly keep going, keep pushing, and keep making progress?

Is this really you? Or are you are doing it just for the applause?

Does this message excite you or scare you?

What’s your excuse? Do you think that others don’t need your work or that you are not good enough?