These skills have the greatest impact on a leader’s success (the list is based on inteviewing 332,860 people):

Leadership skills Importance
Inspires and motivates others 9.5%
Displays high integrity and honesty 9.25%
Solves problems and analyzes issues 9.25%
Drives for results 9%
Communicates powerfully and prolifically 8.75%
Collaborates and promotes teamwork 8.25%
Build relationships 7.5%
Displays technical or professional expertise 6.75%
Displays a strategic perspective 6%
Develops others 5.25%
Takes initiative 4.75%
Innovates 4%
Champions change 4%
Connects the group to the outside world 3%
Establishes stretch goals 2.5%
Practices self-development 2.25%

Source: Harvard Business Review