We like to believe we’re in control. However, in reality, the only thing within our control is our own behavior.

An executive may think that her leadership position gives her power to control the organization. But in reality, the strategy she sets may not resonate with the employees, and the rules and policies she establishes may end up being resented and ignored behind her back.

A marketer may think that with enough money, he can buy attention, only to find that the entire marketing budget went down the drain.

An entrepreneur may believe that having the best product means success. Or that success equates to being well connected. Or hiring great talent. While all of these things help, they don’t guarantee that the company will thrive. This is why investing is hard.

The world is complex and constantly changing. Too complex to be understood fully.

Some people who accomplished great things in the past may feel confident that they’d be able do it again. However, things that worked in the past may not work in the future. Timing is crucial.

We are drawn to certainty, but we can’t control our environment. All we can do is try to influence it.