In a one-dimensional continuum, it’s easy to compare things. Five is unquestionably greater than two, end of story.

In a multidimensional world, however, the things start getting more complex. Many real-world decisions are multidimensional:

  • What’s the best place to live?
  • Should I splurge on a new car or save money by buying a used car?
  • What’s the most important criteria when buying a house?
  • Which internet browser is best?
  • Which computer configuration should I choose?
  • iOS vs Android

Many people simplify the decision by looking at only one dimension. For example, a person who gets offered a better-paying job, may focus only on the salary and accept the job, ignoring the fact that such job may come with longer work hours and/or more stress.

Very often there is no universal right answer. The best option usually depends on the values of the person making the choice. Being clear about your values and priorities will help you make a better decision.