Money is probably the main reason why people show up to work. That’s understandable - we need money for food, bills and to support our families.

However, money isn’t the only thing that matters. For example, a job that is dangerous, physically hard or extremely stressful may not be worth the extra money.

On the other end of the spectrum we have jobs that are safe, interesting and more relaxed. But there is another factor that often gets neglected: meaning.

Imagine a situation where all employees somehow got rich overnight and didn’t have to work for the rest of their lives. Would they quit immediately?

For majority of people, the answer is probably yes. Why would they work, when they can do whatever they want instead?

I think the only type of companies that would stand a chance to keep some of their workforce are those that exist to serve a bigger purpose and solve meaningful problems.

However, it seems that for many companies, the importance of meaning somehow isn’t obvious. I’m not saying financials aren’t important - like I said earlier, money is probably the primary driver for most people. But nevertheless, meaning is well worth thinking and talking about.