Today is my daughter’s birthday. She’s turning 15! I honestly can’t believe it. Time flies!

Kids grow up so fast. We parents have this protective and caring mindset which somehow interferes with out ability to realize how fast the kids are growing (or maybe we’re just unwilling to accept it).

This process is a bittersweet concoction of feeling proud, and the sadness that comes with knowing that the child will never be a baby again. It’s like teaching a bird to fly, knowing that as soon as it learns how to, and not a moment later, it will fly away. You need to be okay with that, because your desire to prolong that moment is ultimately selfish, and true love requires doing what’s best for the other person, including giving them freedom to go and explore the world on their own.

Parenting is filled with strange moments. You can look at a teenager and still see the little baby in them, or look at your baby and be so proud and amazed by how shockingly and unexpectedly smart he or she is.

Being a father is hands down my biggest and most meaningful achievement in life. There’s nothing more important in this world to me than my family.

P.S. I love you Sabrina! Happy Birthday! <3