My brain works best when I use it for processing, not memory.

Whenever I learn something, I write it down. The value of doing this isn’t obvious right away, because my brain tries to trick me into believing that I can remember all of it. But, later on, when I look at my notes, I realize how much I have forgotten.

This also applies to the things I need to do. My todo list looks scary at times. At one point last week there must’ve been at least 50 items on it, and over the next few days, I was able to slowly go through all of them. There’s absolutely no way I would’ve remembered every single thing if I didn’t write them down.

The ability to get things done helps me keep my promises. And keeping promises is required for building trusting relationships.

Another huge benefit is that I never have to worry about forgetting anything. This improves my focus, and at the same time, gives me peace of mind and helps me relax.