It’s been a while since my last blog post. I have to say that I missed blogging. Writing down your own thoughts and having the courage to share them with the rest of the world can be (for some perhaps surprisingly) gratifying.

People have different ways of expressing themselves. Some like taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram or posting on Twitter and Facebook, but I get the most joy out of writing blog posts and making music (which is also something I’d like to do more of).

One thing I find especially interesting, and it applies to both blogs and computer code, is how you can read something you wrote a while ago, and realize how much it sucked! This can be a bit shocking and discouraging, because you may get embarassed or think that your current work is also bad (you just don’t know it yet!)

But actually this is a good thing. This is a sign of growth.

It’s incredible how much we change as human beings. And I’m not just talking about improving our skills, but also the changes in our beliefs, values and personalities.

Most of the time, these changes are gradual, they sneak up on you. And just like looking at an old picture of you, reading your old blog posts can transport you back in time and revive a lot of memories, while simultaneously reminding you how far you’ve come.